Thursday, January 21, 2010

Elder Scrolls MMO rumors is reporting that work may have secretly been underway on an Elder Scrolls MMO since 2006.

I was actually playing Oblivion last night instead of Star Trek Online because I am struggling with the concept of being able to ever handle the time demands of an MMO again (even though I've pre-ordered STO, because... it's freaking TREK). I don't know if I WANT Elder Scrolls to be an MMO. Do I want to feel all that time pressure to "keep up?"

I know that change is always scary, but can be good. It can also be bad. My initial reaction to this is that I don't WANT it to be an MMO. I want my story-rich open-ended experience where I get to poke around indefinitely and do whatever I want, without running into some griefer or kid hitting the jump button ad infinitum.

I'm so in love with Oblivion the way it is, I was really looking forward to embarking again on a similar adventure style. I'd be very sad if that never happens again.