Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Abney Park: I've Been Steampunked!

I've been meaning to make a post about Abney Park for quite some time. They are a steampunk band I was introduced to about a year ago by a colleague at work. I didn't really know what steampunk WAS before that day, but I did dig pirates, and the album, Aether Shanties, was really just wonderful. I became a true fan at that point, and they are the first band to threaten the place of my all-time favorite, Stereo MCs.

Recently they released another album, The End of Days, and people were saying it was even better than the last one. I found that hard to believe as I waited for my autographed copy to arrive in the mail, but as it turns out, the argument can definitely be made.

So they are this really awesome talented and friendly band making music I love, and last night they sent out an email about a series of computer issues. Bottom line, they need to replace their computer, and they could use some help. So now was the time to write this blog post.

If you like pirates, or steampunk, or just great music with an exotic feel and captivating story elements, you should try these guys out. You can buy their albums through their store here (and don't worry, on the final screen you can choose PayPal or standard credit card payments). Now's the time to do this, too:
"For every purchase made this week (1/10 – 1/16) I will send you a coupon for one free album download! Every CD sold this week, Kristina and I will autograph at no additional charge! (typically autographed CD's sell for $30 or more from our site) Here is a great opportunity to get a full set of autographed CDs!"
- Captain Robert

So help out if you can. Great creative forces shouldn't be hobbled by technical difficulties!