Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Casting The King of Kong Remake

As if once wasn't enough, New Line is doing a fictional remake of The King of Kong! It's listed at IMDB, but you need premium membership to get any info. (Oh, come ON, guys, you're killin' me!) Fine, then, we don't need your stinkin' info, we'll make some up!

So over on the official King of Kong boards, there's been a little discussion going on about what Hollywood actors could fill the roles of the various people featured in The King of Kong. I've been giving it some serious thought, because it seems rather challenging, and I'm ready to present my conclusions. I included the real people below for comparison where I could get them. I'll fill in the rest later, but unfortunately, my copy of The King of Kong is on loan to a friend. And now, the results of that trial...

Steve Wiebe
I was really stuck on this one for a while, but my best friend, Kanadani (who also created the awesome new header you see up there - thanks, Kanadani!) NAILED IT with Nathan Fillion.

Steve Wiebe, Nathan Fillion from Firefly (and Slither, which I just revisited this past weekend)... and yeah, I threw Christian Bale in there too, because I wouldn't complain. Just sayin.

5/29: G4's Attack of the Show aired an interview segment with Steve where he mentions that Greg Kinnear, Jason Bateman, and Nathan Fillion are being considered for the role of Steve Wiebe. He's cool with any of those. I am too, but I still think Nathan is BY FAR the best choice.

Billy Mitchell
This may be the toughest casting choice of the entire film, though the BBC is evidently way ahead of us here. You want somebody who can pull of larger than life attitude (and Fabio-grade hair) convincingly. Rumor has it that Ben Stiller may be interested, and I could definitely see that working. On the other hand, Colin Farrel always has a plan...

Walter Day
James Cromwell might be able to take a stab at this, though he's perhaps a bit tall.

Unfortunately, two strong contenders have muscled James Cromwell out of this role (his agent will hear about this!). Strader on the Picturehouse forums recommended Roberts Blossom, the old guy from Home Alone, and Robert M. recommended Steve Smith, of the Red Green Show.

Roy Schildt

If Ahhhhhnold isn't available, let's go with Matthew McConaughey, but only the version straight from Reign of Fire...

Robert Mruczek

Jon Heder. Just pretend that figure skating movie never happened.

Brian Kuh

Steve Buscemi may be way too old to play this role, but I can literally hear him doing it, and it would be perfect.

Steve Sanders

Nicolas Cage. They both have that laid-back sort of likeability to them. Understudy: Ian Ziering of 90210 fame.

Evelyn Mitchell
The role of Billy Mitchell's wife belongs to Jennifer Tilly.

Nicole Wiebe

I'm tapping Hillary Swank for this one. Why not, right? She's totally cool.

Mark Alpiger - the guy who plays Crystal Castles (Crystal) with his feet

Aaron Ruell, aka Kip Dynamite. If not this role, he belongs in there somewhere!


Here are a few more for the mix.

Doris Self
Robert Mruczek over on the official forums suggested Linda Hunt for the role of Doris.

Greg Bond (the Mappy champion)
Kanadani threw me another great choice, for the role of Greg Bond - David Koechner, from Anchorman.


Todd Rogers
An addition that would really make this movie complete would be Ron Jeremy in the role of Todd Rogers...or Steven Segal if Ron's busy on another Surreal Life season.

Joel Hedge
After meeting the Czar of Xybots at Funspot X, and given the sizeable contribution he made to the DVD extras, I wanted to add him to the remake mix! One Keith Gordon is our choice here.

Other people who belong in there somewhere

Uncle Rico (Jon Gries)

McLovin!!!! (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)

Neil Patrick Harris (as himself)

Alright, New Line, get to it! If anybody has additional suggestions, let's hear them!


Kanadani said...

Good choices! I would totally go see a movie with the eclectic mix of Nathan Fillion, Steve Buscemi, and Ben Stiller. What CAN'T go wrong? :-p

Scopi said...

Jason Robards would be perfect as Walter Day, if he's still alive. (Robards, I mean, not Day.)

Andy said...

Fantastic! I cannot wait!

Yes with a little no mixed in said...

Honestly, while I liked the documentary okay, I cannot picture myself donating 100 minutes of my life (let alone ten bucks) to watching a fictionalized version.

And, no, Jason Robards is no longer with us.

Rabscuttle said...

Better that than the new Indiana Jones!