Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Dynamite

Last night we finished watching Black Dynamite, and I had to share.

The film was made in 2009, but it was made to look and feel like a medium-budget amateur 70's action film, and they went to TOWN on that. It's full of intentional blunders and nuances that give it a delightfully authentic feel. From the occasional boom mic in the shot to the visible cut edits and horrible dialog, this flick delivers:

Go here to watch it in its full HD glory)

It's available on Netflix, and even though the plot gets ridiculously goofy, well... that's because it's supposed to be. I highly recommend it! I will probably buy it, and I hope the director does an encore.


Eldorudo said...

"Who the hell is interrupting my Kung-Fu?"

This movie is INCREDIBLE! While I was watching it, I had no idea that was Michael Jai White, the same guy that played Spawn in the live action movie. I recommend that everyone in the world see this film.

Anonymous said...

So it was a Blackspoit-sploitation film?