Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween 2010: Black Widow Quest Part 1

For Halloween this year, I'm going for the Scarlett Johannson Black Widow from Iron Man 2. True, her part was minor, but the costume was cool, and probably not that hard to pull off. Famous last words, possibly.

First I have to say, the only pre-packaged version of this costume for sale at every Halloween outlet I can find, is, how shall I say this? CRAP. Tis trashy, and doesn't even look like the one in the movie. True, I've learned that there are different interpretations of this costume in the comic book world.

I'm mainly aiming to replicate the movie look. So my first order of business was to slow-frame through the fight scene and capture a bunch of shots on my iPhone. This came in really handy today, but more on that later.

So, what are the elements here?

  1. Dark jumpsuit. Appears to be some kind of dark navy lycra fabric, with red piping up the sides.

  2. Waves of curly red hair.

  3. Black boots, low heel, with three strap and buckle sets on each boot.

  4. Belt with an hourglass symbol on the front

  5. Bullet bracelets

  6. Fingerless gloves

  7. Left thigh holster with utility pouches

  8. Insignia shoulder patches

I think that about covers it. For the base suit, I decided I'm going with a black leather catsuit. This isn't exactly what they did, but I figure it's such a superhero costume staple, I can use it in the future. It's also a lot EASIER to come by than a navy lycra/spandex jumpsuit. I secured a custom black leather catsuit on Ebay. Only time will tell if it does the trick, but they asked for over 20 different body measurements, so that's pretty custom in my book.

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