Monday, May 7, 2012

Three gamers and a friend

You know, I'm not a feminist. I didn't care about being in the 1% of female gamers 10, 20 years ago. I just liked to game.

Besides, times have changed, right? I grew up as a weird edge case, but these days, loads of girls play video games. Right? Like if there was a series specifically about youths playing video games, it would probably not make a big show of girls being ditzy bimbos in training, cheesy in their attempts to be "nerds", or lesser than male gamers. In this day and age. Right?

This show didn't really bother me at first, aside from the fact that it's dopey. It seemed like they had this girl doing some gaming, and who cares anyway, right? But with repeated exposure to the "three gamers and a friend" as they literally put it, it is starting to get on my nerves. No, they didn't HAVE to have a girl gamer in there, but since there's only one female lead in the show, why not make her a gamer too? Wouldn't it have been just as funny and showing a little bit of balls to make her a really killer badass gamer? Oh, and she can even still be ditzy if that's your thing, Cartoon Network. But no, they "stress, not exactly a GAMER..." Has anyone with any influence on this show ever set foot on PAX in full swing?

Perpetuating the ditzy girl non-gamer stereotype is just lazy. Do something cooler, and this show might not suck. I absolutely adore Cartoon Network for Regular Show and Adventure time, but Level Up can die in a fire. Or maybe I'm over-reacting. Besides, this rant is eating into my Skyrim time...

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