Monday, March 4, 2013

Reality Rush - Silver and Gold

Lately reality tv on the Discovery Channel has been all about gold.  First there was Gold Rush, with my boys the Hoffman Crew.  Then Bering Sea Gold, which also won us over.  So I was quite interested as the latest seasons of Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold neared their ends, to see Discovery pimping a new series; "Silver Rush".

I expected something similar to Gold Rush, but about silver mining.  I was wrong.

Silver Rush is way cooler than that.  It's about the hunt for sunken ships and the treasures they took down with them.  It's a mix of oceanography (my college major), history, and a lot of the thrill of the hunt elements that make me like the gold shows.  In other words, I'm SOLD, possibly even moreso than I was with the prior two shows (never mind that Jungle Gold, that doesn't count, not even when the Hoffmans were down there).  So far, they are even following in the grand tradition of having equipment break regularly.

Silver Rush is kind of a misleading title for this show, but they wanted to keep the brand identity they'd established with Gold Rush. Fair enough. I joked to my husband that they should make a show called "Copper Rush" and have it be all about people breaking into abandoned buildings and stealing wiring and such. Though now that you mention it...

Yeah. I'd totally watch that.

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