Monday, July 8, 2013

Movin on up

Hey all,

So as promised, it got crazy.

First, my new documentary has been announced.  Shoot Again: The Resurgence of Pinball will cover the current upswing in pinball's popularity.  I'm serving as Associate Producer, and Blake Faucette is Producer/Director.  I have wanted to do a pinball documentary for a long time, but was looking for the right partner.  The minute I saw this, I knew Blake was the guy:

As fate would have it, he'd already been pondering the idea of a pinball documentary, just as I had.  The rest will be history. :)

Second, this will be the final post on Keeping My Cool.  I've moved my blogging efforts over to my new website,  Hope to see you there.

Third... well, there is a third, but I don't want to give away all the surprises at once!  The third item will be revealed in time.

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Van Gelis said...

Awesome. I watched the "Special When Lit" documentary the other day on Netflix, but it looked like it was more of a poke at the culture and some of the weird people involved than the actual history of Pinball. I hope yours comes out well.