Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Instincts Like a Cave-man

Don't you love when you discover one of those musical groups where you can rely on liking everything they do? I'm talking the kind where you don't need a "best of" cd (though you buy it anyway), because every cd is good. For me, that list includes Crowded House and Aerosmith, but by far at the top is the Stereo MCs.

I'm giddy with glee right now, because Christmas is here, and by that I mean the Stereo MCs just released a new album and it's in my greedy little hands! The first time I heard more than the mainstream "Connected" on the radio here in the US was by sheer luck. At the time I was working with a crop of Irish summer work visa students at a retail clothing boutique in Faneuil Hall in Boston (those were some great times, but don't ask about the keg party I hosted, because...well, I don't remember much). One of them had a tape of the full album, and lent it to me. I fell for the sound instantly, but couldn't find anything else at the record stores, and it wasn't until internet transactions became more of a staple that I had access to their full catalog. Go go global marketplace!

According to wikipedia, Stereo MCs is considered "Electronica," "Acid Jazz," "Trip Hop," and "House." I don't know really WHAT I'd call them, I just know it seems to be really hard to find anything else like them (suggestions welcome!) They have sort of a 70's feel to their tracks, and the lyrics are clever and fun (like the title line of this entry). I love the lead singer Rob Birch, because while he has a killer voice and accent, he's not a well-preened mainstream sort of lead singer like you often see. Plus, from what I've seen, he's about as skilled a dancer as I am. :)

So literally minutes before I had to leave for the airport on a business trip, the Double Bubble album arrived in my mailbox! And it turned out to be a 2-CD set! I listened to the main CD in my car on the way to the airport, and I've got the "Bonus Bubble" purring along on my laptop as I write this. So far, Hot Blood is looking like one of my favorites on the bonus CD, and Black Gold has been running through my head since I left the parking garage (you can hear that one on the official Stereo MCs myspace page.

UPDATE: Track number 5, Gringo (Ragged and Ruthless). LOVE IT!

In 33-45-78, Rob B claims he's got instincts like a cave-man. Apparently, cave-men had GREAT instincts.

PS - Have you heard of Pandora? It's awesome. Go there and plug in Stereo MCs. And for something hip and retro, check out the mix player at the bottom of the Skratch N Sniff homepage. I recommend #6, Wherever I May Whoomp.

UPDATE: 7/11/08. I think I can at this point safely give Double Bubble three thumbs up - this is classic Stereo MCs, inspirational and clever lyrics ("soul-searching...'been deleted") with a beat you can bop to as you drive. I'm basing that on the fact that a month later I'm still listening to it every day on my commute, and frequently hit the "repeat" button. If you are a Stereo MCs fan, get this one. My favorite songs are Get On It, Gringo, Pictures, Black Gold, Revolution, and Karaoke...and Hot Blood and Soul Girl off the bonus CD.

I'm thrilled that Rob B. and the gang are still cranking out songs of this style and quality. Keep it up, guys, don't ever stop!

UPDATE: July 24. I noticed a number of you arriving on this blog entry through searches for Stereo MCs lyrics. You should keep an eye on their official page at www.stereomcs.com, Rob said he would get to that as soon as he has a chance. Thank you, Rob, you da MAN!

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