Monday, June 30, 2008

Rock Band 2, GH: Aerosmith, and MORE!

This week's entry is a big extended edition, packed with features! And it's a day early, I know, but I couldn't wait when I heard the news today about Rock Band 2!

So this past Sunday, Guitar Hero Aerosmith came out, and we picked up the deluxe edition (because I needed an Aerosmith Guitar, you understand…neeeeeeded it). Before playing, I reviewed the “tour book” that comes with this edition, and it was pretty cool, definitely got me hyped to start playing, though in two places, I spotted the ominous phrase, “Joe Perry Guitar Battle” - I do not like the guitar battles, I really don't.

There are only like 40 Aerosmith songs total, I think, and the ones that were available on earlier editions of Guitar Hero aren’t all available here. Which is silly to me, they should all be available as free downloads – it’s an Aerosmith version of GH, isn’t it? They should suspect people who buy it are looking to play Aerosmith songs. And given the low-ish song count, there better be a ton of downloads in the plans for this – and I’m sure there are…cha-ching

I’ve only gotten to the second venue now, but so far the “intersecting bands” songs that are included and are not Aerosmith are still very enjoyable. I especially loved playing Dream Police by Cheap Trick, and scored my first perfect GH play-through on The Kinks’ All Day and All of the Night. Here’s the full GH: Aerosmith set list if you want to see it.

I’m starting to realize that while I LOVE Aerosmith, I’m just not that crazy about Guitar Hero (plus I’ll never forgive them for what they did to Rock of Ages). I think it’s because I didn’t really start playing till Rock Band came out. I strongly prefer the character creation options of RB, and the wardrobes are a TON better too. I’m also just used to the user interface and graphical style of RB. I have to say that while Steven Tyler’s likeness MOVES very much like him, I was a little disappointed that the face didn’t look more like him. In the end, I’m playing songs from one of my favorite bands, so I’m happy regardless, and am dying to get to the Run DMC version of Walk This Way. I’m not complaining, really, just saying that in my perfect world, this would have been under Rock Band.

Now keep in mind, I haven’t played it enough just yet for a fully fair review, because while we were playing, a storm hit and the house was suddenly struck by lightning! Our consoles are fine, but the stove, garage door, dryer, toaster, and possibly coffee maker are all fried. We thought it best to turn off the games for a while, plus the fire department made us evacuate so they could investigate that nasty electrical burning smell in the kitchen, and shut off the gas main, since the stove had decided to turn on the broiler before the controls died. I’ll share more thoughts on GH: Aerosmith when the heavens quiet down a bit.

ZOMG! Rock Band 2 has just been announced!
There’s a sweet 4-page interview on IGN with Dan Teasdale. Xbox ETA September. And holy #@%& he mentioned Crowded House! OMG! I thought I was the only one! In the words of Butthead, “We’re there, dude.” But please, no more Rush covers. I hate to see my poor husband, whose favorite band that is, suffer so. Please give him the real thing.

UPDATE (7/2) - 9 Rock Band 2 songs were inadvertently displayed during the most recent airing of G4's X-Play. Nice one, Sessler! Here they are:
  • Dream Theater or Finger Eleven - "Panic Attack"
  • System of a Down - "Chop Suey"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Give It Away"
  • Foo Fighters - "Everlong"
  • Kim Wilde - "Kids in America"
  • Motörhead - "Ace of Spades"
  • Cheap Trick - "Hello There"
  • Journey - "Any Way You Want It"
  • The Who - "Pinball Wizard"

Of those, I am probably most interested in Ace of Spades (because it cracks me up) and Hello There, though I'm sure Pinball Wizard is going to be well-received.

OMFG! Diablo 3 VIDEO!!
Ack, stop, no, my heart can't take this all at once!

Gamestop first look at Diablo 3.

I haven't watched the entire 19 minutes of footage, and what I have seen looked great, but apparently D3 fans are riled up about the art style, which they feel is too World of Warcraft. Look into it, and if you agree, you may want to sign the petition voicing your opinion.

Holy Cannolli! A New Battlestar Movie?!?
That guy just posted that a new Battlestar Movie's been greenlighted!

Spore Creature Creator #1 PC Title, #6 across all platforms, week ending June 21.

In other news, I've created a monster this past week, and by that I don't mean one of the critters in Spore Creature Creator; I mean my 2 year old daughter who now is utterly monopolizing my Creature Creator day and night! :)

“Research has found that little monkeys, like little humans, like to make things...”

I thought my daughter would get a kick out of the Spore creatures, so I had her pick out the various body parts for a new creature. As I mentioned in my last entry, she loved watching the new monster dance around with its 3 little minions.

The next day, she woke up and said, “Mommy, I want to make a creature with you!” which I thought was utterly sweet, so we went ahead and created another one. And that was the beginning of the end. Each session since then has required less and less help, and last night…last night I came over to see her test driving a more or less properly armed and legged quadruped. Creature Creator is THAT intuitive – so easy a 2 year-old can do it! I thought I was obsessed with Spore, but now I’m left to surf Youtube for tips and tutorials, because it’s no longer MY game. That little toddler stole my Creature Creator!

Bits and Pieces – some essentials from my personal web arsenal

Jib-Jab Sendables – Starring You!
Unnecessary Force is by far the best offering here.

Prank Dialer
Rick Roll your friends…over and over!

I Can Has Cheez Burger – LOL Builder
Why not cross that invisible line and start making your OWN lolcats? Or lolfriendsandfamily? It’s fun!

PS -
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Joss Whedon’s latest, looks to be a 3-part online mini-musical thing, available for a very limited time, beginning July 15, 17, and 19. Tell all your friends!


Cynic said...

Dude, only one quick blurb about Diablo 3? I thought that was going to be your central focus this week. :)

I really like Rock Band, but I don't know if I'm ready for Rock Band 2 yet. I think I'm still recovering from the $180 outlay for Rock Band 1. It also seems a bit odd to release a sequel to a game that has a steady stream of new content coming out every week. What can Rock Band 2 possibly offer that isn't in Rock Band 1 that would justify a $60 price tag? And while the original instruments are perfect examples of the downside of globalization, I'm not ready to lay down more money for more fake instruments to clutter up my house.

I guess what I'm saying's too soon. I would have preferred that Harmonix wait another year and try to really jump the format ahead in some significant way. But, maybe I'm mistaken, maybe Rock Band 2 will bring down the house.

Rabscuttle said...

Yeah, I hear you on the Rock Band thing! It sounded like you probably don't need to buy all new instruments, though they will try to make that compelling I'm sure! One of the new enhancements they seemed to be going for was being able to play the guitar and do vocals at the same time. We shall see. You're certainly not alone on the too soon sentiment, though, Australia in general is fairly displeased - I don't think they even have Rock Band 1 yet.

Good lord, Diablo 3, hellz yeah! I think that was pretty much my breaking point though, and I started going incoherent, so I couldn't do much more than just gasp and point. I mean, cripes, let's not forget Starcraft 2!! Rest assured, I've got my ear to the ground on Diablo 3, and we'll be chatting about that in the near future.

Thanks for reading!

That guy said...

We broke teh Rabscuttle!