Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr. Horrible is a Hit

So today was the big day, the debut of Act 1 of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Their strictly word-of-mouth campaign seems to have worked; traffic volumes brought down the site this morning, and it's been up only briefly since.

The alternative, for those who simply can't wait, is to pay a nominal fee to see it on iTunes. That, apparently, is going pretty well too. According to the official fansite, it's rapidly climbing the charts there.

UPDATE: 7/18/2008. I finally saw Acts 1 and 2 last night, and I have to say that at first it wasn't grabbing me. But stick with it, it gets better, and there are a couple places where the dialog is just explosively funny. I'm really looking forward to Act 3!

I've also been watching the E3 coverage on G4tv, which has been pretty good. Heard that Portal: Still Alive (which is apparently NOT Portal 2) is going to be an exclusive on Xbox Live Arcade. Sah-weeeet. If they're going to make it as easy as a download for me to play it, I'm IN. OK, even if they hadn't, I'm not missing it this time around. I wonder if Jonathan Coulton will do another end credits song for it? I mean, how could he not, but at the same time, how could he match Still Alive?

Also caught the Microsoft press conference, and had one of those awkward moments as I realized none other than Peter Molyneux, my previous flame before this new Spore thing with Will Wright, was taking the stage...

Oh god, it's Molyneux. What should I do? Pretend I don't see him, or be proactive and go over there? Damn, why did HE have to show up here, things have been going just great with me and Wright, I don't NEED this right now...ehhhmmm, hi Peter. How've you been? How's Lionhead doing? Hope things are going well.

What's that? Fable 2? Oh, man, don't start with me on that again, yes, I've heard of it, but I told you, we're THROUGH. I'm not getting involved again, I just can't go through getting my hopes up on the next big thing, and you painting your wild fairytale stories of gaming nirvana...you always reel me in with that stuff, and then the reality is invariably less than what you promised. No, Peter, Will and I are happy now, we're really building something meaningful with this Spore thing. He cares about my social networking needs, he makes it EASY for me to make gorgeous 3D animals, and then upload videos to Youtube. I never knew it could be like this.

Alright, listen, I'll hear you out, and see your preview, just because I still do care, deep down...I really do wish you the best, but I'm telling you, I'm not interested.

(oh cripes, he's employing a little chickadee-type bird, my kryptonite. We've been together since Bullfrog and Dungeon Keeper, he knows me all too well.) Oh wow, look at that medieval town in all it's quintessentially medieval goodness...what, you have a ridiculously smart pet dog in Fable 2? You can play as a girl? You walk across the world and see little globes of light that represent your friends in THEIR games, and you can go invite them into YOUR adventure, right then and there? Holy cow.../swoon

No, dammit, nooooo! I've seen this one before, and I know how it ends! I gotta go, Peter, it was nice seeing you, good luck with Fable 2 and Dimitri and all that.

Wow, how awkward was that?! Well...maybe I will keep an eye on Fable 2's progress. You know, mostly just to avoid showing up at the same social gatherings...

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