Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spore at E3

Oh, look! Will did a Spore presentation at E3! (clearly, he saw me talking to Molyneux yesterday).

Just listening to Wright speak about Spore is fascinating. I love him for his mind, you see, his passion for the sciences, for making them accessible, and for the desire to see his games become more than just entertainment. The Part 2 clip above shows the latest intro to the game, and the end, when the narrator closes with the overarching reality that the creatures of Spore were created and guided through their entire evolutionary existence by "YOU"...that literally gave me goosebumps. THAT is a God Game. The potential and vastness of it all simply takes my breath away.

One of the coolest things mentioned in this presentation was their latest irresistable promotional effort, - celebrities using Spore! Elijah Wood, Emeril Lagasse, Curt Schilling, Stan about celebrity endorsements. I can't wait to see MC Hammer's Spore creation!

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