Monday, January 19, 2009

All up in the PvP hizzouse

So my husband and I are actually playing WoW again. Honestly The Lord of the Rings Online is a MUCH prettier game, and we'd rather be playing that, but our problem is time, or the lack thereof. We have no business playing an MMO right now to begin with, but last week there was a fateful moment of reminiscing that went something like this:
Me: Remember when we used to stay up till 2 AM in Colin's room? Back when it was our computer room?

Him: OMG, I forgot that even used to BE the computer room. Yeah, that was fun...Sunken Temple...

Me: Remember when we'd all lay in the road near Booty Bay and wait for Alliance to happen by?

Him: LOL, yeah, that was comedy.

Me: We should fire that back up and just play it casual, for fun.

Him: OK, let's do it.

And so began an epic journey...of downloading. We only had the original launch CDs, and instead of being clever and hitting up Fileplanet or something, we just installed and started patching.

Two days later, we decided to go buy the Battle Chest, cuz we were still patching. That took care of the problem. We headed for the nearest open PvP server, and two new Blood Elves were born. After about half an hour on the random name generator. Which kept suggesting names that we couldn't take, as well as "Line." It really really seemed to want one of us to name our character "Line."

Now, while I'm very much a socializer/explorer when it comes to the Bartle playstyles, my closest friends know that I'm also a closet griefer. I used to get up on the rooftops of Gadgetzan and gank Alliance, not even remotely entertaining the idea that it might be an exploit, I just did it because it was funny. What makes me PvPing amusing is that I'm not especially skilled at it. I'm no Dread Og...

I'll see you all up in the PvP hizzouse, yo! Alliance beware!


Rick said...

There's no "closet" about it, you're a fucking griefer. In-game and EYE-ARE-EL

JoeHonkie said...

I'm also currently in patch hell on this thing, and I don't even have a plan for what will happen when I get it all installed.

I just bailed on WAR after all my friends did. Great game, but reliant on players and as a result it suffered more badly from having empty servers than LOTRO ever did. I was actually going to use LOTRO as my backup game, but I honestly don't know how well Turbine is doing and everyone I know plays WoW anyways.

I don't know about no PvP server, though! I'm terrified of being ganked by some random internet blogger.