Tuesday, May 5, 2009


God, I love Trek. This only makes me love it MORE. Geordi!!! <3

And once you've got the lingo down, move on to some important instruction manuals from Cracked.com.


Anonymous said...

Heh. This reviewer isn't even trying to visualize what the crew is saying.

"Matter/Anti-Matter? What's that?"

Uh, dude, everyone knows that warp drive uses antimatter interacting with matter to function. The energy released during a matter/antimatter collision is not unlike what happens inside a nuclear reactor. The fusion of atoms creates energy which can be channeled and used by humans. Same goes with Star Trek matter/antimatter collisions.

Once you accept some of the basic ideas in Trek, the psychobabble actually makes sense.


Some of it is just horseshit, but I wouldn't call this reviewer any kind of expert, since he picked on some cases that make absolute sense in the context of the Trek universe.

Unknown said...

I hear ya, I applaud Trek for working so hard to MAKE science fiction feel like science fact, and the multiple shows and specials about real-life star trek tech being realized prove that they do a good job.

But I still found the commentary quite funny. :)

One of my favorite Next Gen episodes was Samaritan Snare, when Geordi invents his own tech, the "crimson forcefield."

CitizenjaQ said...

Okay, one of those was just a really long password, and one was intentionally confusing and meaningless to throw off a hijacker.