Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The patron saint of geekumentaries needs your help

I don't think I've ever pushed a cause online. This cause deserves some pushing:

When he's not saving Geocities and computer history itself, he's making documentaries. And when he's not making documentaries, he's making videos for MC Frontalot. If we, the people, "hire" him, he will make us stuff that will be good to have.

To put it another way, before I'd ask you to fund MY project, I would ask you to contribute to Jason's work. Without his mentoring, advice, and generosity, I wouldn't even be DOING my movie.

And, I'd really like to watch Get Lamp, his second documentary about Infocom text adventures. His time is much better spent working on that then some silly day job.

Oh, and...if you don't help, @sockington will probably starve to death.



Jason Scott said...

Sockington is 100% safe.

Rabscuttle said...

Only because he will devour mini-sockington first...