Friday, November 13, 2009

zhu zhu - the ultimate ice-breaker

At lunchtime today, I decided to check Target downtown to see what was going on with their zhu zhu efforts (NOTE: My primary motive was that the new Appleseed in the food court there has bubble tea...not authentic bubble tea, but beggars can't be choosers).

I went through all the aisles and couldn't find anything, so I went up to a stock clerk and said, "If you DID have zhu zhu pets...where would they be?" She pointed me to the large section of empty space in the right aisle and I asked, "when do you usually get them?"

"We had some this morning."

"Oh really? Well, thanks."

I turned my attention to the empty wall, and the woman next to me said to her husband, "Was she asking about zhu zhu pets?" I told her I was, and all of a sudden every single parent in that aisle was chatting about the cyber rodents. They told me everywhere they go it's the same story. "We had some this morning." Even when they showed up at 5 minutes after store opening. Such an elusive quarry we stalk, but what an instant bond of common understanding we share.

I had an idea as I left the store. This toy stalking is fun for me, but I'm the exception to the rule I'm sure. All you frustrated parents of the world, unite! We don't have to be the victims of trend. We should take control and make Littlest Petshop the "it" toy this year! There were TONS of those on the shelves everywhere I've been. Or do we parents secretly embrace this challenge, and the competition it brings? Even after countless wasted hours checking stores and making phonecalls, there's a distinct feeling of triumph when one does score the goods.

All I know for sure is, here comes the weekend, and you can bet I'll be on the trail! The habitrail, that is...

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Anonymous said...

Zhu Zhu pets must be a lot of fun - my neighbor's kids are obsessed with theirs