Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like German

Ever since coming to work for a language learning company, I've stewed about what language to learn. So many choices. So do I brush up on the Spanish I took in college? Take another stab at French? Go for Latin because it's just freaking cool and you can go far with just a few Latin phrases? Tempus fugit...

I was actually decided on Italian, for two reasons. First, I would love to visit Pompeii some day. Secondly, I would have an excuse to spend time with Marcello:

I probably have a screw loose, but he cracks me up NO END.

However, now this whole board game documentary thing has come up, and documenting designer German board games pretty much means an eventual trek to the big German conventions, and maybe even the board game factories there. So there it is, now I have a legitimate motivation to try to learn German, and must with heavy heart bid Marcello farewell for now. If only he could teach German with that suave silver tongue of his. /swoon

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