Friday, February 6, 2009

That board game doc

Remember back in November when I said, "Hey, if somebody else won't make a documentary about board gaming, I guess maybe I'LL do it..."

One day I'm either going to look back at that entry and say, "Yup, right there, that's where it all began." or...actually, there is no "or." This is happening.

The board is set, and the pieces are in motion on the board game documentary project. I've created a second blog dedicated to it, and a Facebook group to help coordinate information and discussion. Feel free to join up.

The first big filming opportunity is Unity Games XV, a board game gathering in Woburn, MA, and it's THIS SATURDAY, February 7. Yeah, that would be tomorrow. Game on!


jsatech said...

Don't you have a job or something?

Rabscuttle said...

I'm multi-tasking! :p