Sunday, October 10, 2010

Black Widow, Part 3

Time is flying, and Halloween is just around the corner. I just kicked off an order including:

- Two likely wigs
- a thigh holster set
- a bullet belt (for the bracelets, if the real bullet shells I got don't work. I'm a fan of contingency plans)
- a sort of seatbelt material military belt with a silver buckle that can be edited into the Black Widow belt

I was about to include a nice pair of fingerless leather gloves in that order when I noticed the ship date was between October 28 and December 16. So after submitting it sans gloves, I spent some time Googling and found a close approximation of the right gloves at a site called Bikers' Den.

Now all I need are some buckles for my boots, and I think I can get those at PetCo. Maybe tomorrow.


Rabscuttle said...

Got the buckles, small pet collars were just the thing, once I stopped by Home Depot to have them clip the silver leash rings off them. :)

Anonymous said...

This thread is worthless without pictures!

Rabscuttle said...

Pictures will follow, but I'm still waiting on the catsuit...