Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Widow Part 5: Wigging Out

The amazon stuff has all arrived now, and I have to say, the bullet belt is an incredible Halloween asset. It's 100% modular! I do have the real bullet casings, but I'm not even going to mess with them now, I just detached enough bullets from the belt to make 2 bracelets, snapped them on, and boom.

The two wigs arrived also, and both look decent on, but I'm drumming my fingers thoughtfully on this part... I'm still waiting on the make-or-break, the leather catsuit, to arrive, but the rest of the costume looks flipping awesome so far. The questionable part is the wig. Because at the end of the day, a wig is so obviously a wig. The rest of the costume looks so much more "real."

What I might do is something that is very like me TO do; I might go to a hair salon on Sunday, October 31, and get my hair actually (temporarily) dyed red and curled. It's not really long enough for full accuracy, but I think it'd just look better than a wig... but is it worth dealing with that color, and growing it out, afterward? Possibly not. On the fence for now.

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Rabscuttle said...

Nix that. Red hair coloring is not conducive to being temporary. It's not worth it.