Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pac-man...on the catwalk?

Retro always comes back into style. If you had a wardrobe of 70's bell-bottoms, I hope you didn't throw those away, because they are BACK. Again. And if you had a giant plastic pac-man hat, I certainly hope you held onto it...

According to top industry minds, pac-man is going to be all the rage next Spring. Or at least, fashion designer Giles Deacon seems to think so. Check out all the pictures from his Spring-Summer 2009 collection, shown at the recent London Fashion Week. Finally, high fashion in a form I can relate to!

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Kanadani said...

Strangely...I'm amazed we haven't seen this more often. I wonder what happens when all the pacmans (pacmen? What IS the plural of "pacman?") finally get to eat something? Do they throw it all up again?