Monday, September 8, 2008


Got my copy of Spore yesterday, and pretty much spent most of the day revelling in the sheer WEIGHT of the Galactic Edition box. So prettty...I want to make rubbings of the textured box sides. Or maybe make a rubber stamp out of them and make giftwrap...see, even the BOX is a sandbox!

I had social committments that prevented me from actually PLAYING until like 9 PM last night, but I finally got the kids to bed and fired up the laptop. Alone at last! I clicked that little desktop icon to launch Spore. There will be a plethora of reviews out there I'm sure, so I'll just throw in a few giddy and disjointed thoughts.

I love the tidal pool stage! I wish it had gone on longer, and I will definitely play it again. It's just beautiful, and I loved that there were bigger things beneath that you couldn't QUITE make out, and how each time you grew it zoomed out, that really felt like switching magnifications on a microscope to me.

At the start of the land stage, I walked over to some carcass, and started chowing, and then realized, that former creature had a NAME, that was actually somebody's creation, and that's when it struck me how VERY cool it is to have all this shared community content populating your game. Massively single-player is where it's AT, and I can't wait to play again tonight, and to strive to create interesting creatures that will amuse anonymous somebodys out there as they attack or team up with my creations in their own game.


Kanadani said...

This was really such a fun game! I got to the tribal stage yesterday before my computer had a major crash...but no matter, I'm sure I can recover! I am looking forward to seeing my friend's creatures in my game though, so I've already put you on my buddy list.

BTW, the task of actually adding you on my list o' buddies was harder than you think. It just wasn't all that obvious (or perhaps I didn't see something). In order to do so, I had to know your handle, search for your creatures, click on one, click your profile, then finally click the unlabeled gold plus sign next to your name. Whew! At least it's done! Maybe you'll get a visit from the all-not-so-mighty Shupilow!

Rabscuttle said...

Yeah, there are a couple areas for improvement with Spore. The main ones in my mind are this buddy list system, extremely non-intuitive and needs to be much more obvious. There isn't even a tooltip pop-up on that gold plus sign, or any indication that you've successfully friended the user (the plus just disappears!).

Secondly, this DRM business...that's gotta go. It's so sad to see a dark spot like this blemish something that so many people have worked on for so long. What's going on over on amazon is really unfortunate, and I hope EA caves and removes the DRM. Three installs is not enough.