Saturday, September 6, 2008


So it's 9:30 Saturday night, we got the call from EB that my Galactic Edition of Spore is in, and will be ready for pickup tomorrow morning.

It's so exciting, I'm all nerves!

One thing, though, Maxis, WHERE'S my Spore count-down party night widget?!? It's not like we can have a line party here, we're all at home, and yet I feel like there's a connection between me and thousands of other Spore geeks right now, and I wish there were a way to convene and celebrate. After all, the saga of this game's creation has been a LONG one, we've been fans of this game for ages, and this is the eve of a new dawning. I just think it would have been cool (and very much in line with the social networking awareness they've displayed for Spore on other fronts) for Maxis/EA to open up a chatroom or something, or throw us a few launch party graphics to put on our blogs. But I'll forgive that oversight and celebrate in my head, along with the rest of you!

I'm going to head over to some of the fansite forums to see if there's anybody as hyped up about this as me. And maybe I'll wander into Creature Creator and make some cute big-eyed bunny or chick type thing. Just because I haven't yet. At this point, when I get the full version of the game tomorrow, I think I'll be starting off with Elsie. She and Flygar are my favorites so far.

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