Friday, September 7, 2012

New Blog Category: Geek Kids

I figured you readers (all three of you!) might get tired if I talk about nothing but pinball here, so as I was doing my afternoon solo walk, I thought of another major category I could pretty consistently write about that might be interesting.

There are loads of us Geek Moms and Geek Dads out here, doing geeky things to make sure our kids have zero hope of not growing up geeky.  We struggle with the constant questions, "Is this appropriate for my child?  Am I doing damage?  Did the other parents at daycare find out that Colin was telling his classmates all about werewolves today?"

I am not all that concerned about all that.  My kids are 5 and 6 and so far have handled all the geekery I've thrown at them just fine.  OK, so for a while there Colin was scared of Gollum, but the other day in the car he told me he wasn't scared of Gollum anymore, and got all enthused when I said if that was true, we could probably go see The Hobbit in 3D this Christmas. :)

So anyway, will probably post kid-related stuff on maybe Fridays, but it'll be geeky kid-related stuff, OK?


Snarffy said...

Awesome idea. I proudly raised one geek to young adulthood, AND I'D DO IT AGAIN. ; ) She just moved into her first apartment, complete with gamer boyfriend, and one of her first texts home was, "Mom... I'm playing Skyrim in my own apartment!"

She tried to resist Star Trek, but after I finally convinced her to watch a few choice episodes last winter break, she's dressing up as a Vulcan for Halloween. Raising geek kids is a service to planet earth! :P

Rabscuttle said...

Love it, I can't wait for the day I can hear something like that from one of mine!

We're actually working on them a little bit with Star Trek right now. They saw the Next Gen pilot, and though it didn't hold young Colin's attention, Maddy was actually interested. I think DS9 might be a better hit with them because it has a couple kids in it. And a shape-shifter. And some better special effects of course.