Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Shadow pinball gameplay video

The first pinball machine to join our collection was The Shadow. The first thing we did was purchase the Shadow LED conversion kit from Cointaker. Once you know a thing or two about pinball tinkering, you can order individual bulbs to do LED conversions, but since this was our first time, we went with the kit. There are multiple kits for LED conversion typically, for various parts of the playfield, and a set for the backglass.

I think that pretty much all machines would benefit from LED lighting in the backglass. In the case of The Shadow, I think the full LED treatment was a big improvement. I wish I'd taken before photos, but overall the LED lights just make everything brighter and flashier. I feel like they enhance the experience.

So we've been meaning to do a video of the gameplay with the new LED lights for a while, and now I have. It's my first stab at a video of pinball gameplay, and though it's long, I felt like I wanted to include a good sampling of different modes so that people wanting to see what The Shadow plays like could also do so.


We filmed this with the playfield glass off, and minimal external lighting (which is why it is somewhat grainy).  I really would appreciate feedback or advice on how to do these videos, because we're definitely going to do one of our blinged-out Tron machine too.

Update: 11/21/2012
You don't often get to know the life of your machine after you sell it.  In our case, we sold it to a community member on Pinside.  Later on, we bought another machine from him, and I drove to his house to pick it up.  He no longer had The Shadow, but let me know that it had gone to a great new home, Reciprocal Skateboards.  I've known that for about a month now, so I was just thrilled to the gills to see the following video just now.

So happy to see it there in such a happy environment!  Enjoy your Peking Duck, guys! :)

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dylking said...

Didn't look grainy to me at all. TBH, i watched the gameplay more than the lights, except for the closeups - if you can get more closeups, I think that might showcase more of what you want us to see. The distance shots work too, for an overall, but it's hard to see the details from over your shoulder :)