Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pro Pinball Kickstarter is live

There was a recent news release about Pat Lawlor (famed pinball designer of Twilight Zone, The Addams Family, and more) joining the Pro Pinball team. I wasn't aware of Pro Pinball before this, but their story is evidently an interesting one of rights lost, and rights finally regained.

I'm not as enthusiastic about video pinball as I am about the real thing, but I have to say, their Kickstarter video is a winner.  If you can make me laugh, you have my attention.  If you make me laugh multiple times, you probably have my backing.

They've only given themselves 30 days to raise a pretty large $400k funding goal. FarSight studios is doing really cool video pinball and recreating classic tables, but I think it'd be sweet if these guys get a chance to show us what they can do and make something totally new.

And just look at the comments section on their Kickstarter.  They must be doing SOMETHING right!

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